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What exactly is Spiritual Healing?

Healing energy has been around for a very long time and it is the Universal energy people used before modern orthodox medicine became available.

There is a big return to the use of healing as an alternative and complimentary therapy and spiritual healing does work fabulously well alongside orthodox healing methods. Healing works on the whole person, on the physical body, the mind, the emotions, resulting in the balancing of all of our energy systems.

Healing can actually be used on everything, from plants, animals, places and life situations because everything is pure energy.

Through the power of love and meditation and wanting to share and help heal, healers link to the Divine/Universal healing energies and Earth energies through the soul, spirit and physical body. The healer is "merely" a channel, a conduit for which the energies flow through.

During contact healing the patient should feel relaxed, and may feel heat or cold. The healer may also feel hot or cold or both, pins and needles and tingle all this is very normal.

There are many methods of Spiritual Healing, aura healing, the power of the crystals, polarity healing, unblocking the chakras with a dowsing crystal, colour healing, sound therapy and many more.

Please contact Jo on her e-mail address for more information if required.

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